Terms & Conditions

Please be sure you understand and agree to our terms of use before purchasing any of ThemeonLab product for your personal or client sites. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us. You should carefully read the following terms and conditions. Your purchase or use of ThemeonLab products, membership or services implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

ThemeonLab reserve the right to change and modify the Terms and Conditions without any notice, and you agree by continuing to use the site to be bound by any such modification.


1. Membership:

Everyone who buys our product will be a member of this site automatically. Membership information will be emailed to the email address provided  instantly or within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email after this time period, please contact us through the website. However, those who have not bought our product yet may take a membership of this site and it’s free i.e. there needs no payment in this regard.

2. Uses

A. Limited Usage Granted:  You have the right to use the ThemeonLab products on as many concurrent sites as your permissions provide for. There is no time limitation. The products can be used as long as the usage complies with the rest of the Terms of Services.

B.  Unauthorized Use: It’s not permitted to put our products in a modified or changed or even an unmodified version on a disk, website, P2P or any other medium and use it for redistribution or resale purposes without our prior written consent. This means you are not allowed to set up our products for demonstration purposes to promote them to your customers. It is also not allowed to use screenshots of our product to promote them to your customers for resale purposes.

C.  Modifications: You are allowed to make any changes and modifications in the components, extensions or templates to suit your needs. You may alter the products code for your own use. It is not permitted to change or remove the copyright information in the source code. This includes the XML descriptor file and all PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS files distributed with our products. Porting non-GPL portions of our components to other platforms and content management systems and redistributing as GPL or otherwise is also strictly prohibited. Please contact us if you have any requirements that are not covered by

3. License

ThemeonLab products are GPL most compliant. All PHP portions of the components and extensions are licensed under the appropriate GPL license of the parent platform. The non-compiled portions including images, cascading style sheets and JavaScript of extensions are licensed under the The “ThemeonLab Proprietary Use License” in accordance with the rest of these Terms of Services. “Free” components and extensions are released with all aspects of the components and extensions released under either GPL and/or MIT licenses.

4.  Warranty

A.  ThemeonLab items are given “as may be” without guarantee of any sort, either communicated or inferred. Each of the ThemeonLabs items are ensured to capacity effectively upon fitting establishment, actuation and choices setup of the item inside the most recent stable CMS variant which layout was devoted to.

B. ThemeonLab can’t and don’t promise similarity with any third gathering plugins – as there is just an excess of modules, segments and plugins for backing. If you don’t mind guarantee that the programs you utilize will work with the formats as we can’t promise ThemeonLab layouts will work with all program mix.

C. We are not authorized to give stock pictures and certain genuine sort text styles (TTF) that may be utilized on any or the greater part of the given layout. These oblige you claim or buy from their individual managers.

5. Updates 

All augmentations/layouts are constantly intended for the most recent form of the software (WordPress, HTML, Landing pages) they are intended for. However, we can give no ensure that the expansions/formats will run with either past adaptations or future forms of those stages. Additionally, ThemeonLab items will dependably be created for the most recent WordPress, HTML, Landing page form. We can’t promise to what extent stage out WordPress, HTML, Landing pages variants are bolstered. This choice is exclusively made by ThemeonLab. Individuals may utilize the gatherings to deliver any issues

6. Ownership

You may not assert intelligent or restrictive proprietorship to any of our items, altered or unmodified. All items are property of ThemeonLab. Our items are given “as seems to be” without guarantee of any sort, either communicated or inferred. On no occasion should our juridical individual be obligated for any harms, including, yet not restricted to, immediately, roundabout, exceptional, accidental or noteworthy harms or different misfortunes emerging out of the utilization of or failure to utilize our items. The above task is not valid for those layouts and expansions which are discharged under the permit of the GNU / GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE). For more data in regards to this permit, please visit the GNU page.

7.  Anti-fraud

Moment downloads are accessible. Nonetheless, some client buys can be pending for manual hostile to misrepresentation examination to survey of PayPal or to Checkout. You will get a definite email about your installment. Against extortion check happens because of the developing number of fake exchanges from persons who are not genuine the cardholders of the Mastercards utilized amid buy.

8. Assign ability

You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer the license to anyone else without prior written consent from ThemeonLab.


  Our organization claims all authority to change or alter current Terms and Conditions with no earlier take not